Strategic Expertise International CIC


We improve skills and expertise and provide knowledge to enhance the delivery of public services to communities, individuals and businesses.  We are involved in the management and evaluation of long-term business transformation projects, human resources and skills development, training programmes and bespoke action plans. We are able to support the development of new or existing programmes of activity within are specialist areas of expertise from concept through to delivery:

  • strategic planning and evidence-based approaches to performance management
  • multi-agency partnership working
  • international engagement and consultancy
  • leadership development and training
  • conducting evaluation reviews and assessments
  • bespoke training programmes

SEI Training Courses

  • ‘Policing with Communities in Fragile and Conflict Affected States’
  • ‘Building Trust and improving Public Confidence: Partnership working in Fragile and Conflict Affected States’
  • ‘Leadership and Management in International Operations’
  • ‘Developing Women Leaders for International Operations’ 
  • ‘Professional Development for International Rule of Law Operations’
  • ‘Maintaining Professional Standards in the Organisation: Developing, Implementing and Understanding Ethics and Codes of Conduct’ 

Specialist areas of expertise

  • defence and post-conflict stabilisation
  • police reform
  • counter terrorism (CT)
  • combating serious organised crime (SOC)
  • cyber crime
  • cyber defence/workplace of the future
  • borders security
  • anti-corruption and integrity assurance
  • equality and anti-discrimination
  • command and control systems and processes
  • the management of emergencies and business continuity
  • public engagement and victim care
  • delivering services for vulnerable individuals and hard-to-reach groups in society
  • community policing

Core Values

Our fundamental ethos is to work with partners and clients to generate solutions that are sustainable and relevant to their needs.  Despite our members’ strong academic credentials we do not parrot business school textbooks or management theory, focusing instead on establishing practical, sustainable structures and bespoke processes that meet our client’s expectations rather than theoretical mantras.


We work with governments, public institutions, international treaty organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and commercial companies in the UK and internationally.

We are specialists in security sector reform, criminal justice and law enforcement and have accumulated expertise and experience both as a team and as individuals. We have a strong track record of success in leadership development programmes, strategic planning and policy development, operational management, and the delivery of large budget change programmes on behalf of the European Commission, UK government departments including the Home Office, Stabilisation Unit, FCO, MOD and the Scottish government.