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SERBIA - May 2016

Paddy Tomkins recently visited the Serbian Ministry of the Interior to develop HR Management Processes in support of the European Union twinning project. Paddy seen here at the Palace of Serbia with Sir Stephen House and SEI associate David McCracken.

News and Events


For the third year running, SEI, in collaboration with Police Scotland and SIPR, successfully delivered their ‘Policing with Communities in FCAS’ course at the Scottish Police College at Tulliallan Castle in Scotland. This course is part of the European Union Police Services Training (EUPST II) programme which prepares police and gendarmes for deployment on international missions within hostile environments and is supported by both the EU and UK’s Joint International Policing Hub.

SEI welcomed 27 participants from 17 different countries to take part in a week-long course that meshes academic with practitioner-led state-of-the-art approaches to police capacity-building within fragile and conflict affected states. With a wide range of backgrounds and mission experiences, the participants shared their expertise and considered elements of ‘good practice’.

The course this year has been further developed in parallel with SEI’s ongoing project ‘Mission Challenges, Lessons Learned and Guiding Principles in FCAS’. The 2018 edited volume is currently being serialised on a bi-monthly basis in ‘Policing Insights’ @

A further workshop focusing on ‘Mentoring and Soft Skills within a mission environment’ is currently being planned for late 2018 to be followed by a further publication and a dedicated practitioner handbook.

The document can be downloaded @

DUBLIN - May 2016

Georgina Sinclair presented on policing and security issues at the ‘Constitutional Conversation and these islands: beyond Brexit’ meeting in Dublin at the Royal Irish Academy with (from left to right):  David Phinnemore, Professor of European Politics and Jean Monnet Chair in European Political Science, QUB; Kieran FitzGerald, Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission and Claire Archbold, Deputy Departmental Solicitor for Northern Ireland.

EDINBURGH - October 2016

Paddy Tomkins chaired the Edinburgh Executive Sessions in Policing: ‘The Challenges of Localism within National Policing Arrangements: the Netherlands and Scotland in Comparative Perspective’ at St Leonard’s Hall, University of Edinburgh

Our Community Purpose: We are dedicated to the delivery of our expertise and experiences from our careers in public service which underpins our status as a Community Interest Company in UK law and the public sector. We provide a service that can be supported by colleagues who have pursued distinguished careers, and, have impressive records of achievement across the spectrum of professional disciplines and areas of public policy. 

We have a deep-rooted sense of vocation that impelled us to embark on careers in public service.  We bring a theoretical and applied understanding to our work, and, believe in focusing wholly on the needs of our clients and partners bringing value to those people we serve.

December 2016

Paddy Tomkins has been appointed Chair of the Scottish Institute Policing Research International Advisory Committee.

LIVERPOOL - March 2017

Georgina Sinclair gave a presentation on the benefits of international policing assistance for UK policing and local communities at the launch of the UK’s new Joint International Policing Hub (JIPH) in Liverpool on 21 – 22 March. The JIPH is a partnership with HM Government, the National Crime Agency, the College of Policing, the National Police Coordination Centre, the national CT network and others. It is now the single, recognised gateway into and out of UK international policing assistance structures for domestic and global partners.

EDINBURGH - Dec 2017 

SEI attended the Scottish International Policing Conference:  ‘Policing and Professionalisation: opportunities and challenges’ held at the University of Edinburgh on 14 December 2017.

Paddy Tomkins chaired this SIPR event and Georgina Sinclair presented a paper on her international policing research: ‘Building Police Professionalism: the exchange of capacity between international and domestic policing forums’

SEI New Training Courses

SEI is pleased to announce the development of further training courses following the success of ‘Policing with Communities in Fragile and Conflict Affected States’ which has been delivered in 2016 and 2017. (See Services) 

LISBON - January/February 2017

SEI in partnership with the Joint International Policing Hub (JIPH)/Stabilisation Unit (SU) (UK) and the Guarda Nacional Republicana (Portugal) ran a first successful workshop at the GNR Training Academy at Queluz in Lisbon from 31 January to 2 February.  See … ( The workshop was attended by police practitioners from nine European countries, the European External Action Service, the Stabilisation Unit as well as SEI Directors Georgina Sinclair and Maureen Brown.

This event brought together practitioners to share their practical experiences and challenges of international missions with fragile and conflict-affected states and to consider how lessons learned could be applied to guiding principles in the future. The output from this workshop will include an edited collection of practitioner-led essays covering a range of topics including:  monitoring, mentoring and advising; tackling corruption; soft skills training and managing serious crime within FCAS drawn from a range of EU and UN missions.

SEI is proud to work in future partnership with the GNR and the JIPH/SU and to organize future events in 2017 and 2018.

OTTAWA - May 2017

Maureen Brown attended the Senior Women Police Peacekeeping Workshop in Ottawa in May 2017 organised by the United Nations Police Division and hosted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Our Mission: Strategic Expertise International (SEI) is a not for profit community interest company (CIC) offering unique expertise drawn from the UK public sector, government and academia and in particular policing, law enforcement and the wider criminal justice sector. As a consultancy we combine our experiences and knowledge for the benefit of the wider community and public institutions, within the UK and internationally.

LONDON - July 2017 

On 13th July SEI director Paddy Tomkins presented on the subject of ‘Cyber and the Human Factor' to a City and Security Resilient Networks (CSARN) briefing in the Cavalry & Guards Club, Piccadilly.  

CSARN is a leading UK based business security and resilience membership network. Bringing together public and private sector leaders, as a not-for-profit enterprise, CSARN is an award winning business security and staff safety advisory service. We achieve this through providing business intelligence, educational networking events, training and specialist project management.


The Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR) (through the Scottish Government and HM Inspectorate of Constabulary for Scotland) has commissioned SEI CIC in collaboration with Abertay University to complete an international benchmarking exercise to explore areas of best practice in meeting the challenges of cybercrime.

This evidence-based review will focus on policing to understand comparative legislative and policy frameworks, relevant associated agencies and the relationship with the wider criminal justice sector. It will identify challenges as well as good practices and innovation in policing strategy and operations.

One key outcome will be an international conference to be held in Scotland in the first quarter of 2018. This will explore national, provincial and organizational strategies on cybercrime; public resources available to counter cybercrime; current training activities for first responders as well as cyber and digital forensics specialists and, strategic threat and risk assessments on the impact of cybercrime.

Our Vision: To advise and support our clients and partners through global expertise, tailored programmes and solutions and local delivery

EDINBURGH - November 2016

Paddy Tomkins chaired the James Smart Memorial Lecture at the 6th Scottish Institute Policing Research International Policing Conference at the University of Edinburgh on 10 November 2016.  Speakers included Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for Justice in the Scottish Government; Chief Constable Phil Gormley QPM and Andrew Flanagan, Chair of the Scottish Police Authority.

EDINBURGH - June 2017 

Dr Natalie Coull (Abertay University) and Paddy Tomkins (SEI) were honoured to present to a joint Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR) — Norwegian Police University seminar on organised crime at the Scottish Crime Campus on 6 June. We outlined the collaboration between Abertay, Police Scotland and our partners at Droman in producing a mobile immersive training platform to support police first responders in the management of cybercrime and digital evidence. Delighted with the subsequent questions and discussion, and looking forward to visiting Oslo!

EDINBURGH - April 2017 

SEI organised and delivered ‘Policing with Communities in Fragile and Conflict Affected States’ course from 23 – 28 April 2017 at Tulliallan Castle near Edinburgh in partnership with Police Scotland and the Scottish Institute for Police Research: a joint UK Stabilisation Unit and European Union Police Services Training programme.

Twenty-three senior police officers from EU and non-member states attended the programme which consisted of a range of practical and theoretical presentations led by EU/UN and international experts and syndicate exercises and presentations.

The Scottish Minister for International Development and Europe, Dr Alasdair Allan who visited the programme noted: ‘As one of a series of successful courses on International Policing delivered by Strategic Expertise International and their partners, I was privileged to meet a number of police officers from across Europe and further afield attending the Policing with Communities in Fragile and Conflict Affected States at the Scottish Police College.

The benefits of sharing best practice and knowledge around international policing across so many forces in this environment in order to improve policy making were very clear to me. Taking part will be of immeasurable benefit to officers when deployed on international missions’


SEI have since 2017 collaborated with Abertay University in the preparation of an International Evidence Review on policing cybercrime. Findings were presented at a workshop held in Edinburgh and attended by representatives from Abertay University, Police Scotland, Scottish Government, Scottish Police Authority, HMICS, and international police practitioners.

Georgina Sinclair receiving a certificate of attendance for the Mission Challenges, Lessons Learned and Guiding Principles Workshop from the GNR Head of the Strategic Planning and International Affairs Division Lt. Colonel Paulo Silvério.

Publication / SIPR Briefing Note - May 2016

SEI are pleased to present ‘Briefing Note 17’ “Identifying the challenges, lessons learned and good practices for effective policing with communities in fragile and conflict-affected states”.  

The Briefing Paper published by SEI partners the Scottish Institute Policing Research  (SIPR) and written in association with Police Scotland, summarises experience from the field, course discussions and syndicate exercise presentations developed by police practitioners during the five-day ‘Policing with Communities in Fragile and Conflict Affected States’ (FCAS) in January 2016.  Time constraints during the course prevented a stand-alone document, but helpfully produced initial considerations from which a guidance framework for ‘policing with communities in fragile and conflict affected states’ could be envisaged.  It is hoped that further work on this extremely important and relevant issue can be developed to aid officers working in international operations and missions. Thank you to all who contributed !

The Briefing Note is posted at the following URL:

MARBURG - May 2017

Georgina Sinclair attended ‘Localizing Global Security; Technologies, Protocols, Infrastructures’ at Philipps University, Marburg and presented a paper on ‘Policing with Communities in FCAS’ .


SEI was invited to the Security and Policing Home Office Event 2018 with Georgina Sinclair attending seen here with representatives of the Joint International Policing Hub.



In partnership with the Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR), Portugal, SEI continues to develop concepts of ‘best practice’ and guidance material for international policing missions following initial workshops in 2017.

Edited Volume to be published late 2017 – Editors: Georgina Sinclair & Rohan Burdett
An edited volume of 9 peer-reviewed practitioner-led essays drawn from a European network of police practitioners will be published late 2017.

This volume will cover a wide range of international missions from the 1999’s through to the present day highlighting the authors’ experiences.  Each of the essays places an importance on formally identifying challenges and capturing lessons learned to dock into future institutional guidance, learning and shared best practice.

Key lessons identified include the ‘why and the how’ of transferring European policing; the importance of cultural awareness and sensitivity and MMA training; community partnerships and engagement; leadership; risk management and police-military synergies.

SEI ‘Lessons Learned and Guidance’ Workshops for 2018
SEI and GNR will run dedicated workshops in 2018 in alignment with EU/UN/OSCE emerging guidance doctrine and will continue to work towards the development of practical solutions for practitioners delivering overseas policing assistance. These will include:

  • Mentoring & Advising within International Missions
  • Monitoring & Evaluation within International Missions
  • Civilian -Military Cooperation within International Missions