The course was highly commended by all participants and EU observers and described as ‘insightful and of great value to any officer wishing to deploy to an overseas mission. Excellent content and varied delivery methods, using well qualified and knowledgeable speakers, with input from the delegates both welcomed and encouraged. A really enjoyable and well organised course which has increased my motivation and enthusiasm to deploy internationally.’
UK Police


Through lectures, group work, assignments, case studies, discussions and simulation exercises the course mentors skilfully guided the twenty three delegates, representing a significant proportion of police services across Europe, through the challenges and difficulties facing international policing.  The course mentors Maureen Brown and Georgina Sinclair of SEI proved an exceptional and effective partnership.  Throughout they continuously challenged delegates to develop clear guiding principles at each stage of their learning journey to assist shape and secure success in future international missions.  The mentors and visiting associates were a perfect blend of professionalism and experience, creating a supportive learning environment where delegates felt encouraged and empowered to contribute their views and experiences, resulting in a powerful and rewarding personal growth experience.

I believe this course represented a fantastic professional experience.  It proved a real insight into the challenges we collectively face in working in fragile and conflict states and left me with the real sense that by the end of the course delegates had grown exponentially in professional capability and were even more enthused and eager to deploy internationally.

I would like to thank SEI, EUPST and the Stabilisation Unit.  I would commend them as training providers and wish them luck and best wishes in their future ventures.
UK Police

Strategic Expertise International CIC

In January 2016, as part of the European Union Police Services Training II, I jointly delivered a 'Policing Communities in Fragile and Conflict Affected States' course in collaboration with Strategic Expertise International (SEI) and the Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR).  SEI Directors Maureen Brown and Dr Georgina Sinclair were consummate professionals bringing their significant experience of both academia and international policing deployments to the fore, ensuring that the multinational delegates were given a taxing, yet highly rewarding experience. Police Scotland looks forward to developing and delivering further programmes with SEI in the future.
Police Scotland

The five-day course, by inspiring guidance of Maureen, Georgina and Sean, consisted of a continued mixture of theoretical and practical presentations, case studies, different group exercises, field trips and, of course, some (Scottish) cultural moments! All subjects were related to ‘Policing with Communities in FCAS’ and were about Monitoring, Mentoring, Advising & Training (MMA&T), lessons identified, negotiations, stakeholders in the community, gender and diversity etc.

The variety of the program, speakers (theoretical and from the field), subjects and participants gave this course for me (and I know for sure also for the other participants) a really added value and a depth understanding of ‘Policing with Communities in FCAS’ from a theoretical but most at all a practical sight of view.

For me, a background in specialized military police work in FCAS and not in Community Policing, the course gave me a solid base and background in Community Policing for the future. 

I enjoyed the hospitality of the organizers, good conversations with the participants about different subject and the created atmosphere where learning, sharing and networking was possible.
Head of Exercise Department, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (

As an experienced senior police professional with over three decades of service within the military and policing, it was with a sense of eager anticipation that I embarked upon the recent course delivered by Strategic Expertise International at the iconic Scottish Policing Training College at Tulliallan, Scotland in April 2017.  The course ‘Policing with Communities in Fragile and Conflict Affected States’, was provided through the European Union Police Service Training (EUPST) and supports a wider scheme of continuous professional development for police officers and staff across the European Union who have, or seek to deploy abroad into areas of conflict and instability. 

Policing with Communities in Fragile and Conflict Affected States is indeed a permanent and complex challenge. Training sessions for deployment in civilian crises management missions are normally more focused on developing robust police techniques and tactics, which in fact are important but not enough anymore for an effective police work in mission area. The environment is complex, with problems from different natures and actors amazingly diverse, so many times carved by a recent history of distrust and violence.This training session was able to bring along academic expertise with field experience, challenging both to reflect through mission area needs, obstacles, frustrations, good and not so good experiences, in order to achieve a true impact on local people needs. This area of study is huge and, as repeated more than once, that is no one best way to approach it, even though, I am convinced you guided us in a very “profitable” way. The ideas, the awareness, the network and the experiences will, for sure, help us all to promote a better work as police officers, both in a national and international level.  I consider the work developed as very useful and would like to encourage you and your team to move forward with this project, challenging other police officers to join it.

Guarda Nacional Republicana, Portugal

The course was very well organised and well delivered. I had wonderful week. I can appreciate the amount of effort you and the rest of the team put into this.
Bulgarian Regional Police, Burgas, Bulgaria

In April 2016 Strategic Expertise International (SEI) supported our Comprehensive Live Exercise Lowlands Grenade 2016 with two very professional and experienced consultants. Lowlands Grenade 2016 is part of the EU-project named European Police Services Training 2 (EUPST-2). During this exercise SEI developed a workshop for police commanders and police officers with the focus on MMA & Community Policing within fragile and conflict affected states. All participants experienced a new or different view on various related topics. I would like to thank SEI for their valuable addition to our exercise. I hope you stay involved in future EUPST activities. Major Smit – Royal Netherlands Marechaussee.
OF3 H.G. (Gerhard) Smit ,Officer Primarily Responsible (OPR), Lowlands Grenade 2016 (LLGN16)